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Haag i.OB

About me: 

Over the years, I was looking to find out how life "works," and had the same shape the desire to live

together in harmony on this planet. My travel to different cultures showed me different ways of

life, I gathered experience and experience with the different religions and learned from Wilhelm Reich,

Hans Jenny (Cymatik), Barbara Brennan, Yogananda and Babaji, to name the most important. 

When I came across Drunvalo Melchizedek, I remembered.

With deep joy I visited Drunvalo at his workshops

in Germany, Spain and the USA, read his books

and seen him on trips.

The life I am eternally grateful for the shared

experiences in New Zealand at the Waitaha in

Guatemala with the Maya, Easter Island and

Moorea. This spiritual journeys have become

imprinted on the deepest levels.

My experience over 10 years with the learned

from him meditation enrich me deeply.

I find exciting to bring these two life experiences with each other to cover: to be a spiritual being

and live a mortal life. So all my life fields overlap aware of an exciting life.

Interessiert an aktuellen Informationen zu Drunvalo, School of Remembering und meinen Seminaren und an Themen und Links, die mich berührt haben?